CZ 527M Carbine in 7.62x39mm

CZ 527M Carbine as unpacked from manufacturer's carton.

Reviewed by Don Robinson:

Picked up one of these little carbines for my kids to hunt with and I have to say that I am highly impressed. Initial impression was quite positive with excellent metal and wood finish and the fit of the parts was excellent. The micro-mauser type bolt was particularly smooth and the fixed sight while simple, is extremely rugged.

Took it to the range prior to mounting any optics and only got to cycle through about 30 rounds. No photos of the targets due to a data card failure.  Accuracy out to 100 yards was adequate with the irons keeping all shots on a 100yd shoot-n-see target. Was using Barnaul FMJ and HP ammunition.

I purchased the Weaver rail mount from CZ-USA and mounted a Redfield Revolution 2-7x33mm scope in Weaver low rings which placed it at a perfect height.

I went to my range on 11/7/12 and conditions were overcast with a gentle breeze at my back. Temp was in the upper 40's in the afternoon.

After initial sight-in, I fired the carbine for accuracy testing. Ammunition selected was Barnaul 123 grain JHP lacquered steel cased ammunition and Barnaul Brown Bear 123 grain JHP polymer coated steel cased ammunition. Ammunition function was 100% across 75 rounds fired. Rifle function was flawless with exception of a couple of failure to pick up the last round in the magazine. I would attribute this to my short-stroking the bolt rather than a flaw with the rifle. When the bolt was manipulated briskly, function was perfect.

Four 5-round groups were fired for accuracy. These groups were fired from bench using my range bag as a rest at a target board placed at 100 yards. Starting with a cold bore, these groups were fired in succession using two magazines.

Group 1: 2 3/4"

Group 2: 3 1/4"

Group 3: 1 3/4"

Group 4: 3 5/8"

Overall I am very favorably impressed with the carbine. Recoil was quite gentle and the rifle handled exceptionally well. Ergonomics are well thought out and the controls are easily reached with minimal hand movement required.

If you are looking for a light-weight carbine that is chambered in a hard-hitting caliber that is capable of good accuracy for hunting or casual shooting, the CZ 527M Carbine would be an excellent choice.  

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