We BUY Firearms, parts, and accessories:

We are interested in purchasing the following:

  • Broken / Unwanted military surplus firearms
  • Original Accessories for military firearms
  • Quality Military Surplus Firearms
  • Military Gun Parts

Send a list to buyer@rcarms.com for a quote.

You will receive two quotes.  One is for cash payment by company check and one for site CREDIT on www.RCArms.com

The process is quite simple.

  1. Send a list of the item(s) and their condition to buyer@rcarms.com along with the amount you would like for the items(s).  Please include your name, zip code, and telephone number. 
  2. We will reply with a quote, counter offer, or additional questions.
  3. If we come to an agreement, We will send you a UPS Prepaid label to ship the item(s) to us or reimburse you for shipping charges.
  4. We will inspect the item(s) upon arrival and determine if they were as-described and contact you if there are any concerns.
  5. If there are any problems or issues, we may make you a counter offer or return the items(s) to you at our expense. 
  6. If there are no issues or if we reach an agreement, we will send payment or issue site credit (your choice).

    Site credit offer may me more than cash offer

Please remember that our quote will reflect that we have to potentially pay shipping both ways if we do not come to an agreement.  There is no risk to you as we pay shipping both ways if necessary.

Important note regarding interstate shipment of firearms:  We are a Licensed FFL holder.  We can accept shipment of firearms from private parties.  We do require a photocopy of your state issued ID to accompany the firearm with a simple statement that you are the sole legal owner of the firearm(s)  contained in the shipment.  If for any reason we need to ship the firearm back to you, we can only return ship to you at your mailing address as shown on your ID copy or to a licensed FFL holder. 

We are an on-line business and do not handle any purchases on a face-to-face basis.

Finally, If your item contains contraband or illegal firearms, we are required to contact BATF and turn any contraband items over to them.  Please do not send us any item that is illegal or contraband as we do not deal in those items.