Turkish M48 Forestry Carbine

The French Berthier was an unusual rifle in Turkey but that actually encouraged its adoption by Forestry officials. During WWII, Turkish authorities had discovered and seized a shipment of French Berthier rifles and carbines believed to be destined for anti-British Iraqi rebels. These were held in storage until the post war period. Turkey’s forestry officials were up against rampant timber theft and a strong criminal/rebel underground. Fearing crooked cops, theft, or all out assault and seizure of any rifles sent into these regions with the small police forces, the government turned to the Berthier. 8x51mmR was almost unheard of in Turkey, so any stolen rifles would be next to useless. Also their unique appearance would stand out to any authorities. So the three-shot rifles and carbines were altered to somewhat resemble the old Model 1908 and were even fitted with the nosecaps and barrel bands discarded when those rifles were updated in the 30′s. The flat-nosed M48 Forestry Carbine is easily recognized.

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