M1 Garand Slings

 Greek M1 Leather Sling

Extremely uncommon sling, this is an original Greek M1 Rifle sling. Identical to the USGI M1 Web sling, but in Leather. We have an extremely limited supply available to sell. Surplus item, condition and color of the leather will vary slightly from item to item. FILE PHOTO

$35.00 each 

SKU:  Sling-Greek M1 Leather

USGI M1 Web Sling
USGI Surplus M1 Web sling. Some have rack numbers like the one in the file photo. Overall in VG to excellent condition.


SKU: Sling-M1-USGI

 M1 Garand Web Sling
New production M1 Websling.  Excellent reproduction of the late WWII configuration M1 sling.