SKS / AKM Slings

Chinese Military SKS/AKM Sling
Unissued Chinese Military SKS/AKM rifle sling.  Perfect for completing a Norinco SKS or AKM rifle.  The inked markings are on every sling in our stock, but location and darkness of stamp will vary from sling to sling.

$29.95 ea



SKS/AKM Sling - Reproduction
New commercial reproduction SKS/AKM Rifle sling with tabs.

$7.95 ea



Russian AK-47 / AK-74 Sling
Original Russian AKM sling. These slings are thick canvas and are in unissued condition. Produced in the Kransodar region of southeastern Russia. The stamping on the photo sample should confirm this as is representative of all the stock we have on this item. Sling color may vary slightly, but will be an olive drab to medium green color. Hardware may show minor oxidation from long term storage, but should clean up nicely. Designed for the AK-47 and AK-74 rifles, but will fit a wide variety of Soviet and Eastern Bloc firearms.

$59.95 each

SKU: Sling-AKM