Rifle Magazines:

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Magazines are at an ALL TIME high demand.  Stock is spotty at best and items that come in are usually sold retail almost immediately before hitting the website.


AR-15 / M16 Magazines

USGI M16 30-rd Magazine


USGI M16 30rd magazine.  Contract production magazines, mostly from Okay and Center Industries.  Grey finish with green anti-jam follower.  These are the real deal and are used in VG+ condition.
Highly sought item with extremely limited availability at this time.




German HK-93 5.56x45mm

HK93 Factory Magazine.  30-rd .223 For the HK93 / 33 / 53 rifles.  German made HK Factory magazine.  This is not the cheap US Made mag supplied with rifles released commercially today.

Less than 5 available.