Arsenal SLR-106FR

Arsenal, Inc SLR-106FR rifle. Bulgarian AKM in 5.56x45mm (.223) with the left side folding polymer stock and integral scope rail.  Typical Arsenal rifle, super high quality build, black paint over parkerized finish.

These rifles accept the Bulgarian waffle pattern 5.56mm magazines that are available in 20 and 30-rd capacities from various vendors.

Called the Gold Standard for AK rifles, these Arsenal rifles are superb shooters and are built exceptionally well. Additionally, the Arsenal marked rifles are now somewhat collectible and in high demand.

The Reference Collection rifle is configured with a Russian AKM sling, RS Regulate Side mount, and the excellent Vortex Sparc Red Dot Sight.  It is an outstanding shooting rifle and very accurate at 100 yards with steel case Wolf 55 grain FMJ. 

An AKM rifle in 5.56x45mm (.223) is an excellent choice for a Go-To rifle.  The 5.56mm Cartridge is extremely common in the USA and supply is likely to be stable and reliable.  It is light weight and accurate and being an AK, its been 100% reliable through 800 rounds so far.