RS Regulate AKM Mounts

Currently testing two RS Regulate mounts in the Test and Review project.

Going into Winter, our testing of the RS Regulate AKM mount system continues. We have two test rifles in this project, a FIME Group SLR31-95 in 5.45x39mm running an Aimpoint PRO and an Arsenal SGL-106FR in 5.56x45mm that has the Vortex Sparc.

Both mounts have provided rock solid mounting through out the summer testing and have consistently returned to zero after removal. The RS Regulate mount offers the lowest possible mounting that does offer an Iron Sight Co-Witness with the Aimpoint PRO.

Look for a review after we can test these in the cold MN weather, but from what we've seen so far, I am extremely pleased with the RS Regulate mounts so far.

SLR-106FR  with Vortex Sparc Shown below