French MAS 49/56 Rifle, 7.62x51mm Conversion.

Videos showing the initial reliability testing of a newly acquired MAS 49/56 Rifle .308 conversion.

These have a somewhat spotty reputation for reliability and many accounts show extraction issues due rough chambers or over-gassed action due to the shortened direct impingement tube.  I fired 400 rounds of Pakinstani 7.62x51mm surplus ammunition.  Experienced 4 failures to extract over the 400 rounds, but all were rapidly cleared and caused nothing more that a minor stoppage.  Fed reliably from both 7.5mm and .308 magazines.

Accuracy was not tested this session, but keeping the shots on a torso size target at 100 and 200 yards was easy with the issue sights. Recoil was mild and report was sharp due to the French military muzzle brake.

All in all, a nice 7.62 semi-automatic rifle made to military specifications and was very pleasant to shoot. I enjoyed shooting the 49/56 more than my Springfield M1A.