BLAZE Trap Team

Both of our kids shoot on the Blaze Trap Team.  We've created this page for hosting of photos and events of interest to the Team members, families, or benefit functions.  

 Browning Knife Set - 2014

This year the BLAZE Trap Team has some really nice Browning Knife sets to sell as a fundraiser.  These are quality knives with Rosewood handles sold by Browning and acquired by the team through the MidwayFoundation, Inc as shown on the scabbard logo.

The large knife is 8" OAL with a 3.5" blade and the small knife is 6" OAL and has a 2.25" blade.

There is a small amount of these available after all the ones for team members are allocated, so quantities are extremely limited. 

REF: BLAZE Knife Set 2014

$21.95 ea


This year they have some really nice Browning Knife Sets that they are selling as a fundraiser for the Team.