A1-Alpha Lightweight Carbine

The A1-Alpha Lightweight Carbine.

In today's shooting circles, many casual shooters are weighing their carbines down with all sorts of high speed military type gear like optics, lights, lasers, quad rails, fore grips, etc etc etc. While these carbines look "tacticool", many are tipping the scales at 10+ Pounds which detracts from the appeal of the AR platform.

The A1-Alpha offers a low drag and very responsive carbine that carries light and offers a very reliable 5.56 carbine that just feels right in your hands and shoulders & transitions extremely fast.

The A1-Alpha is a non-factory built carbine that utilizes components and assemblies from USGI and Commercial sources. This one is our A1-Alpha proof of concept build. 

Upper is a DTI 16" M4 Profile barrel in an Olympic A1 fixed carry handle upper. Barrel is a DTI 16" M4 Profile with a M16A2 Front Sight Assy and is tipped with an A1 birdcage flash suppressor. Carbine length gas system with original low profile single heat shield handguards.

The lower is a PSA with a Rifle length buffer system and a USGI A1 buttstock. Standard AR15 trigger and fire control parts and a M16A2 pistol grip.

As shown, this carbine weighs in at 6.85 lbs (without magazine) and offers a very tight compact carbine that is very quick to shoulder and transition from target to target. The fixed carry handle is a very rugged and reliable sighting system and is a proven system.

This was our initial A1-Alpha build.  It is not for sale, but feel free to contact us if you would like one built for you on a custom order basis.

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