US M1917 Enfield Items

Unless noted, Images are a FILE photo to show the item, but will not be the actual item that ships.

Subject to availability. If your order contains a back-ordered part, you will be contacted prior to shipment.

These are parts from parted-out military rifles. There may be scuffs, minor marks or surface rust resulting from military service and long term storage.  They are original parts, no reproductions will be available for sale on this page.

Any parts with major pitting or heavy rust will be listed separately.

All parts are sold as replacement parts and Gunsmith installation is recommended.


US M1917 Bolt Sleeve, Remington.  One available


1917 Bolt Sleeve-R


 Bolt Release Lever

US M1917 Bolt Release Lever, Eddystone
$8.50 each

1917-Bolt Stop-Eddystone


 Safety Parts

US M1917 Safety Plunger, Some Eddystone marked, some unmarked


1917 Safety Plunger

US M1917 Safety plunger spring

1917 Safety plunger spring

 Magazine Parts


US M1917 Floorplate Catch
$5.00 each

1917 Floorplate catch

 Fire Control Parts

US M1917 Trigger, Eddystone
$6.95 Each




Eddystone  $6.50 each

US M1917 Sear-E