California Transfer Services

The current CFLC Program in California has caused a lot of confusion within the gun industry.  There are MANY on-line dealers that will not ship ANYTHING to California customers including firearms that are not prohibited by California Law. 

We at do not agree with prohibiting sales of approved items to California customers.  To this end, we are offering a transfer service on LONG GUNS ONLY for our California customers that will help you side-step those sellers that have what you need, but will not sell it to you.


Here's how it works when you have a seller that will not ship to California:

1:  Contact us at with the type of firearm that you are looking to transfer.

2:  We will advise if the fiream is one that we can legally ship into Calfornia.  We are not obligated to ship your purchase to a California dealer until we advise you that we can legally complete the shipment.

3:  You will need to select a local California Firearms dealer for us to ship your long gun to.  They will need to send their FFL Copy and CFLC Dealer number to us before we can ship the long gun to them.  These documents can be mailed to our address below or faxed.  Please have your dealer put "For Transfer" and your name on their correspondence. 

4:  Once verified that we can complete the transfer, you will need to provide address or fax number of the seller for us to submit our FFL documantation. 

5:  We will inspect the firearm once received from your seller.  We'll advise by e-mail when it arrives. 

6:  We will prepare all the required documents for the California Transfer that are required by CA law, contact and receive the CFLC firearm shipment authorization, and ship the firearm to your local dealer in the required manner.

7:  Once your local dealer received your item, they will contact you to come by and complete the nexessary paperwork for the local transfer. 

COST:  We charge $100.00 per serial number for this service.  This fee covers all the documentation, packaging, and shipping costs.  It must be paid in full before the firearm is shipped and is non-refundable.

We also accept money orders by mail.  Please use our secure PO box for payment and FFL Documents:


PO Box 464

Savage, MN 55378