Escrow Services:

RCArms offers professional Escrow Services for sellers and buyers nationwide. 

It is a simple process that RCArms provides when a professional third party is needed to handle payment from the buyer and receiving the firearm from the seller.  This ensures that both the payment and firearm will either safely make it to the proper destination or be returned to the sender safely.  

Advantages of an escrow transaction:

Payment can be verified as "in hand" before firearm is shipped.  

Firearm can be evaluated to be in as-advertised condition before payment is released.

Payment arrives in a guaranteed form that will not bounce

Firearm will ship from a licensed 01 FFL in a safe and insured fashion. 

Keeps the transaction Safe and Secure.     

Detailed instructions on how this escrow service works:

Escrow Process will follow this procedure:

1: Buyer will place with RCArms CASH / USPS Money order payment in the full amount plus the escrow fee.  Once CASH is in hand it will be placed in an escrow account.

2: RCArms will e-mail both parties when payment has been received and tracking numbers of the FFL  document package sent to the seller for shipping purposes.

3: Seller will ship the item(s) in a legal fashion, insured for full value, and requiring a signature upon delivery. Please refer to the shipping tutorial detailed on to ensure adequate packaging. Seller will e-mail tracking information after shipment is made to all parties.

4: RCArms will e-mail both parties when item(s) arrives and advise if there are any obvious problems with possible shipping damage with photos. RCArms will assist the seller in filing any applicable damaged article claims with appropriate carriers.

5: Buyer will schedule appointment to visually or electronically examine the item(s) to ensure that it is in satisfactory as-expected condition.  If buyer rejects item(s), RCArms will ship them back to the seller to the origin address and the seller agrees to accept the returned item(s).  Once the Seller receives their item back and it's verified that it's in AS-SOLD condition, RCArms will refund the buyers escrow payment less the return shipping cost and the escrow fee and the transaction is considered complete by all parties.

6: If item is satisfactory for the buyer, RCArms will retain possession of the item(s) and forward payment in the form of USPS or Bank Money Order to the seller via USPS Priority Mail.  RCArms will e-mail money order details and USPS delivery confirmation number to both parties.

7: Seller will advise by e-mail that payment has been received.  Once this e-mail notification is made or 3-days after USPS confirms delivery, the item(s) will be released to the buyer via accepted legal methods.

Additional details can be requested by e-mailing

Typically, this service is used on rare or high value firearms or in cases where the seller or buyer feels more comfortable using an escrow agent to handle the transaction.     

We charge $200.00 per transaction or 10% of the insured value for transactions over $2000.00 value

No NFA items.  Any NFA items or Contraband will be surrendered to the ATF or local law enforcement.  Please do not ship any prohibited items and expect RCArms to broker the sale.