Online Auctions Buyers Information Page:

Checkout and Payment Overview:

 Credit Card Payment Instructions

GUNBROKER USERS:  The fastest method to complete payment is to use the Gunbroker checkout feature. If you would like to use PayPal, please send us a message at
Credit Card payments can be done quickly and securely at our payment center located on the payments page at (use the direct link or left side menu to navigate to the PAYMENTS PAGE) and enter your total payment amount and complete your order via our secure processor.

Your Credit Card total can be calculated by taking your winning bid plus the shipping charge. 

Please note that Firearms and Ammunition are listed at a CASH DISCOUNT PRICE. This discount cannot be earned when paying with a credit card, so please remember to add 4% to your total when paying with a credit card on these items.

 Money Order Payment Instructions

Checkout for money orders is the same as credit cards.  Use the payment page (use the direct link or left side menu to navigate to the PAYMENTS PAGE) and select the Printable Order Form (Postal Mail) option and complete the checkout page to generate a printable order form to send with your mailed payment.  We accept USPS and Bank Issued Money Orders 

Your Money order total can be calculated by taking your winning bid plus the shipping charge.

Please include the ITEM NUMBER from your auction to ensure that we match up your payment to your auction quickly and correctly..

If your purchase requires an FFL or Proof of age (over 21 for ammunition sales) , they can be faxed, emailed, or mailed.

Our contact and mailing information is as follows:

PO Box 464
Savage, MN 55378

email is

Fax Number: 952-808-0993

Office Phone:  952-808-7740

Mobile Phone (Voice / Text):  612-426-8350

Terms and Conditions on our online auction sales. 

  • By bidding you agree to our auction Terms and Conditions listed below.
  • Our auction terms are one week, no questions asked return of your money, less shipping charges and auction fees should you be unhappy with your purchase for any reason.
  • The buyer is responsible for returning the item in the same condition that it was sold and sent and is responsible for return shipping charges.  Insurance and signature confirmation highly recommended.
  • If a returned item arrives damaged, altered, fired, missing parts, swapped parts, or varying from the posted auction photos, we will not be able to process a return of any kind and we will expect payment for returning the item back to you.
  • We are a FFL Dealer.  We are NOT a gunsmith.  We have not test fired nor checked headspace on any firearm that we sell.  Please have your local gunsmith check out any forearm that you purchase from us or any other used firearm you buy prior to shooting it.
  • Our payment options are Visa/MasterCard, USPS Money Order, and Bank Money Orders.  We do accept PayPal on a very limited basis, email us for details.  We do not accept personal/business checks. 
  • We highly recommend using the Check-out and payment page on our site for completing your purchase in a quick and secure webpage.
  • Items are typically shipped within 72 hours of receipt of payment and most of our customer are receiving their purchases within 2 weeks from date of purchase.
  • We ship to United States Addresses only on auction items.
  • Firearms buyers need to provide a valid FFL prior to us shipping.  We will ship to FFL03 holders on eligible items. 
  • Ammunition buyers need to provide proof of age (21-up) prior to us shipping.
  • No ammunition shipped to prohibited areas or to AK or HI due to cost considerations.  Please see the ordering information page on the left menu for state related restrictions.
  • Ammunition is not returnable
  • It is the buyers responsibility to make sure that they can legally possess in their location.  If you cannot posses it, please refrain from bidding.  If an item is returned with a reason that you cannot legally take possession of it, a 25% restocking charge shall apply.
  • SAFETY NOTICE:  The buyer is solely responsible for determining that any item purchased from us is installed properly and is in safe operating condition.  Firearms should be inspected by a qualified gunsmith before initial use and critical firearm parts should be installed by a skilled gunsmith.  By bidding the buyer agrees to hold the seller and the sellers agents completely harmless against all damages, injury, or death caused by defective merchandise, mis-use, and/or improper installation.  Additionally, all safety notices and policies on our website and on invoicing, literature, and product shall apply.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many rounds have been fired through this gun?   Guns don't come with bullet counters...unless we're selling a new in the box gun from our distributor, we're not the original owner and have no idea how many rounds a previous owner fired.

Does the listing include the box, papers, rings, scope, hard case, etc?   All our listings will show via photos and contain via text/description everything that is included with the auction. If you don't see it in the photos or we didn't describe it in our text...we don' t have it and it's not part of the auction

Do you offer a layaway?  We do offer a couple of layaway options.

30-day:  20% down (non-refundable) with payment in full at or before 30 days

60-day:  20% down (non-refundable) with payment in full plus layaway fee (5% of purchase price) at or before 60 days. 

Trades?   We don't take online trades.

Offers?   Please don't offer us less or ask how much we'll take off our opening bid. 

Buy It Now?  If the item does NOT have a BIN option, then either we or the consignor did not want one.

Shipping AND Handling?   Shipping is expensive...the carriers raise their rates all the time. We have no control over this. Handling also costs us money. We pay for boxes, edge protectors, bubble wrap, peanuts, tape, and a host of other packaging supplies and pay my staff to pack items in a professional fashion that will offer the best protection in transit.  Our Shipping AND handling rate is very reasonable and well within the industry standards and is not negotiable.  We post the full S&H cost clearly on all our auctions to eliminate any confusion.  If the posted S&H rate is not to your liking, please do not bid on the item.

Why do I have to include proof of age?   We sell guns, ammunition and sharp objects for a living. This is an online sale...and since we can't see the buyer face to face, we do ask for proof of age on antique firearms, ammunition and certain other items. Most folks simply photocopy their drivers license. Others prefer to send a short SIGNED statement of age with their payment. Either way, this information is filed away with our copy of the invoice. We don't release this information to anyone for any reason. We're simply covering ourselves. If sending proof of age is a hardship for you, please don't bid on the item.

How do I know you're not a scam?   Believe it or not we get this one from time to time. Please take a moment to review our feedback ratings. It tells the world what our previous buyers think of our handling of the transaction and how much they liked or didn't like the item they purchased. We have thousands of positive feedbacks on multiple venues that we have worked hard to earn.  We should not need to talk on the phone to assure you we're real. 

I bought an item from you and I'm not happy with it...what do I do?   Please let us know you're not happy (we don't need or require a reason) and send it back to us in the same condition we shipped it to you. That's not fired, disassembled or parts replaced...same condition as it was shipped to you. Once received and verified in the same condition we shipped it to you, we'll issue you a refund of your PURCHASE PRICE less shipping charges and auction fees.  We do not refund shipping because you don't like the item, spent too much on it, have buyer's remorse, your wife/girlfriend told you to return it or you just lost your job or had an unexpected bill come your way...HOWEVER...please see exception below.

EXCEPTION to refund of shipping:  Truth be told, I'm human.  I make mistakes just like everyone else. If you buy something from us and we've made a gross error in the description or we send you the wrong item, I WILL refund your shipping as well as your full purchase price. It doesn't happen often, but my policy has always been I won't have a customer out money because of my mistake.

I've won your item, now what?   After you win an auction from us, we will send you a detailed invoice to your email address provided by the auction site within one to two business days of the auctions close. If you win an item late Friday afternoon/evening, it's likely going to be Monday before you get your invoice. If you do not want to wait for that invoice, please complete the checkout at the top of this page to complete your purchase. 

Why won't you contact my local FFL holder?   If you win a firearm from me, you'll need to go to your local gunshop and ask them to fax, email or snail mail us a LEGIBLE and VALID copy of their FFL. Once we've received that copy AND your payment, we'll ship the firearm ALONG WITH A COPY OF OUR LICENSE for your dealer to log into their FFL bound book. It is your responsibility to contact your local shop. We will NOT send them a copy of our FFL first to "prove we exist" or placate them. If your local shop refuses to send an FFL for an online transfer you'll need to find a local shop that does.

Why can't I pick it up in person?   We are an online business and we do not operate a store front. Because of this, all purchases must be shipped to you directly or your transfer FFL, whichever is applicable. I do realize that this is a pain for local customers, but we are just not set up for local pick-up transactions and I thank you for your understanding.