Ruger LCR Kydex Holster

Just got a really nice Kydex IWB holster for my Ruger LCR revolver. Having looked for a main-stream vendor that offered a holster like this, I kept coming up empty.

By sheer chance, I saw a thread that had this holster advertised by a private custom Kydex holster maker. After some quick chatting online, I decided that I wanted to give this one a try and I placed an order with Steven Lee from FL Kydex Holsters & Gear.

Less than a week later, I have it in my hands and it's EXACTLY what I wanted. Construction was quality and the formed Kydex offered excellent retention for my revolver.

As a bonus, this holster fits not only my .38 Special LCR, it also fits my .22LR LCR as well. That is huge win for me as I needed a nice carry holster for my LCR 38 that worked perfectly with my LCR 22 that I train heavily with.

From a cost aspect, this holster ran a modest $45 shipped, but it delivers the goods that you would expect from a top-tier maker charging double the price.

So far I can give this holster a solid thumbs-up and would recommend it to anyone looking for a IWB option for their LCR revolver.

Steven Lee can be found by searching his name on Facebook and sending him a message directly or by searching on Facebook for the company name FL Kydex Holsters & gear.  I have also added a link for the FL Kydex company website (Right click and open as new tab).